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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 16:42
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Reverse The Aging Process With Science

Click here to watch the video about HOW TO REVERSE YOUR AGEIt has been found that Telomere Shortening leads to death. Natural death. It's the reason that cells stop replicating. There is a way to lengthen Telomeres using the Telomerase gene.  It adds nucelotides to the end of the copied chromosomes. It's suppressed in all other cells except the reproductive cells. It's not getting the enzyme to turn on telomerase. We know that aging takes place in the cells.

The proof is in child birth. A 40 year old woman with 40 year old cells should give birth to a baby with 40 year old cells. But the child is brand new with brand new young cells with long telomeres. If you want to learn more about how this can help you private message me.

Researchers have found a way not just to stop but to reverse the aging process. Telomere Lengthening. After telomerase treatment. Scientists compared the gene expression pattern of telomerized old mice that had become young with actual young mice and found that the gene expressions were identical. It returned the DNA back to a young morphology within the genetic imprint.

The compounds used to do this in mice were too toxic for humans but by the late 1990's it has been proven that they can reverse the aging process in every parameter. Making old skin young. Making old organs young. Making old cells young. If you could relengthen telomeres you can take people back to their peak age between 23 and 25 years old. So the search has been on for human friendly positive control compounds that turn on the human telomerase gene.

Product B is for "Youthful Aging" and "Telomere Support". All natural ingredients First 7 than 13 and now recently 2 more ingredients that are off the charts proven to induce telomerase. Since August 2012 these ingredients have been added and are part of Product B. John Anderson says, "I believe this year (2012) is the beginning of the next generation of nutrition. Today is the most important time in my life and I have made more progress in 24 months than in the past 30 years combined. Where will we be next year? You will see miracles and fiction becoming a reality."

To learn more about how this can help you

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